Branding  Services 

L.Smith Design LLC, is committed to bringing  Modern Art elements into advertising by empowering individuals to promote  and advertise their business on a print or web based platform . Our mission is to create a storytelling works of art through custom designs, at a high-quality for all purposes.  

With a deep understanding of the influencer landscape, analytics platform,  dedicated to social media, in industries spanning from fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, organizations, and business branding needs. 

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L.Smith Designis your go to source for promoting your small business or organization.  Creativity is boundless, so we can't possibly list all the services, but here are some of our most popular service.  our company's logo is more than just a graphic.  It's the face of your company, giving it an image and appeal that no other tool can provide. We create unique and memorable branding that will set your business apart.


artwork for your brand

Full design services for all the print and digital projects you need.  Creative excellence for small business. Business Cards, Flyers, Stationary, Forms, Web Sites, Email Marketing, Brochures, Posters, Web Sites, Direct Mail and so much more.  If you need something creative, we got you covered.



Advertising comes in many different forms, from billboards to door hangers.  The secret is to command your audiences attention with simple yet effective ads that will get them into your store. With retail advertising experience ready to work for you.  Lets get started on your next project today!